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ŠimonSenior BI Consultant

We’re a European company

We partner with major clients throughout Europe on projects from software development and information management to big data and data science.


The year it all began. From humble beginnings, Profinit has grown to become one of the largest IT companies in the Czech Republic. We’ve never forgotten our roots.

CZK 949,000,000

Our turnover for 2023 is a testament to the fantastic work of all our teams and their commitment to staying ahead of the game.

650+ experts

Our experienced professionals develop comprehensive and reliable software systems for leading companies in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Profinit Education is a key ingredient in our success. We invest in each one of our employees by running regular courses, seminars and events. We believe the training never stops, no matter what stage you’re at in your career.

Learn a new technical skill. Attend a conference. Take a language course. Whether it’s Java, AWS, MS Azure, English or German, we’ll pay for it. And when you earn one of our 109 certifications, we’ll give you a financial bonus, too!

Barbora Fuksová

Business Development Manager

Advance your career

At Profinit, the only way is up! We work with you to develop a detailed and clearly defined career growth plan that brings success. We support all aspects of your professional journey and do everything we can to match your skillset to the right projects.

But not everyone’s goals are the same. That’s why we always adapt to suit your ambitions and the path you want to take. When you thrive, so do we.

Pavel Jíhlavec


Flexibility & transparency

Our goal is to make your life at Profinit as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible. Both at work and on a personal level. So if you ever need a bit more flexibility, we’ll make sure you find the right balance.

Everyone here is on a first-name basis. We also believe in an open door policy. That means you can meet in person with anyone at any time. Plus, as a Profinit employee, you get your very own “buddy” – a co-worker you can turn to with whatever question, idea or concern you may have.

Marek Sušický

Head of Big Data

How we conduct interviews

We treat candidates for all our IT positions with fairness, courtesy and respect. We like everything to be out in the open. No HR rounds. Just direct professional interviews with your potential future colleagues.


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Endless variety

Why limit yourself? At Profinit, you can pick and choose from a wide selection of projects. We work with an extensive tech stack and boast a diverse client portfolio. But most importantly, we deliver customised solutions with real impact.

So whether it’s creating a core system for an insurance company, a data warehouse for Václav Havel Airport in Prague, a data science model for a leading fintech, or CSR projects, we’ll get you working on tasks you excel at and enjoy.

Petr Paščenko

Head of Data Science

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