The Profinit Relocation Package

The Profinit relocation package is here to help you breeze through any challenges or issues during your relocation to the Czech Republic. Leave the worries to us and focus instead on starting your exciting new life in Prague!

Relocation package background map

Let’s move to Prague!

You’re hired!

You’ve chosen your job with us, made it through the selection process, accepted our offer, and now your journey to your new destination begins.

Employee Card

To be legally employed in the Czech Republic, one needs an employee card, which is a type of long-term residence permit for the purpose of employment. We will assist you with the entire process whether you are located abroad or in the Czech Republic.

Upon Arrival

Enjoy your arrival without stressing about how to get into town from the airport. We will come to pick you up.

Free Housing

The first month is on us! We want you to feel comfortable and get off to a smooth start in your new hometown. A nice place to stay, and close to your workplace, will be ready for you upon your arrival.


A local bank account will let you easily handle all your banking needs in the local currency. We’ll help you choose the bank and type of account that’s best for you and assist you in opening the account.


Welcome to Profinit

Now that you have all the essentials taken care of, it’s time to meet your new team members at Profinit.

Finding An Apartment

We’ll come along with you to tour available properties and help you find the perfect apartment. We’ll also assist you with all the paperwork, apartment takeover and moving in, including arranging the TV & Internet connection, and signing the necessary utilities contracts.


Our employees have access to convenient online doctor consultations and appointment booking services using the uLékař website. This service is available in English, and will help you find a general practitioner, as well as specialists.

Getting Around

Prague has an excellent public transportation system. Getting a public transport card (Lítačka) is a great and cheap way to get around the city. We‘ll help you to get one.